How to Think Like a CEO (even if you're just starting your own business)

Your financial success will be determined by your ability to think like the CEO of your business. If you make business and financial decisions from the perspective of someone “on the way up” you will always be in development mode.

This is great for your creativity, but not for establishing yourself as the mogul of your personal empire :-)

Using a simple example, let’s say you are trying to decide whether to replace your virtual assistant or not. If you look at that situation from the perspective of where you are today (managers deal with the here and now) you might say,

  • but she’s so affordable
  • she needs the money
  • I don’t have anyone else
  • she’s been with me so long I can’t let her go
  • she’s not that bad

When you view the same situation through the lens of what is best for the company in the long run (confident leaders deal with the future and growth) you are more likely to say,

  • she is a liability
  • she is not who I want representing a million dollar empire
  • there are plenty of people who would jump at the chance to do this work well
  • sometimes you have to let people go

Both financial and leadership decisions become clear when you recognize yourself as the CEO of your company, not just a struggling small business owner working on your laptop in your favorite yoga pants.

You will tolerate less and expect more – from yourself and all those around you. You will feel less intimidated and more like the confident leadership professional you really are. You and your business deserve to have a power-house CEO running things.

Practice making decisions from the CEO mindset this week. You may slip back into manager thinking but that’s okay, as long as you catch yourself enough times to recognize the financial fitness of your business tomorrow depends on your willingness to think and act like a CEO today.

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