A Perfect Mobile Income for Military Women, Wives, and Veterans

Like a lot of military women, you may not recognize the value of the skills, experiences, and expertise you gained as part of the military family.

You've probably handled responsibility way beyond your years, endured long separations, made life and death decisions, spent lots of holidays alone, navigated foreign cultures, and certainly lost a lot of household goods along the way.

You're ambitious, disciplined, adaptable, resilient, comfortable with change, and proven yourself ready, willing, and able over and over again.

And that translates into knowledge and wisdom - the perfect combination for creating online courses.

Online learning isn't just for universities - people all over the world, just like you, can now design, create, and sell an online course.

Right now, people are generating an income from online courses on the topics of:

  • health and wellness, menu plans, recipes
  • physical fitness and workout routines
  • cooking, sewing, quilting, knitting, gardening
  • wine-tasting, golfing, painting, jogging
  • photography, party planning, sushi making
  • writing, blogging, vlogging, podcasting, social media
  • decorating with stencils, on a budget, with used items
  • playing the guitar, piano, saxophone, harmonica
  • dog-sitting, grooming, walking, breeding
  • packing, moving, investing, networking, communications
  • real estate, investing, stock trading
  • traveling alone, with small children, on a budget, in foreign countries, on short notice
  • sign language, stamp collecting, raising chickens

Are your ideas starting to flow yet? :-)

The software now available to create an online course is easy, simple, user-friendly, and not very expensive. Some of them are even free.

All it takes is your creativity.

4 places to create your own online course.

 There are others, but these four have a proven track record and are well respected.

You could easily have a course up and running (and bringing in income) by this time next week!

5 Ways to Generate Your Own Income From Skills You Already Have



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