Travel a Lot? How Freelancing Could Be the Perfect Income For You

Think of a "laptop lifestyle" as the ability to live and work from anywhere.

(Which is perfect for military women, wives, and veterans who tend to uproot their entire lives and move half-way around the world every couple of years.)

Freelancing online allows you to:

  • build a career smoothly
  • choose your own hours
  • set your own fees
  • run your independent-contractor business from a laptop computer wherever you are

...hence the name "laptop lifestyle."

Places to Look for Freelance Work

They are looking for people to do voice-overs, scriptwriting, animation, typography, and video editing.

Opportunities for freelance work include admin support, customer service, design, creative writing, technical writing, editing, proofreading, accounting, translation (legal, medical, and technical), sales & marketing, public relations, and many others.

If you like creating things digitally, this is a fabulous place to display your portfolio and get paid for your creations. Things you can sell here are photos, styled stock photo arrangements, templates, website and blog themes, illustrations, 3D objects and characters, plugins, and anything else needed by and for the online world.

This is a great place to market your work (and still make a little money) especially if you don't already have any clients. Many freelancers offer simple projects here for as little as $5. It gives clients an opportunity to sample their work and, if the like it, hire them again for bigger and more lucrative projects.

5 Ways to Generate Your Own Income From Skills You Already Have



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