How to Earn Extra Income as a Photographer

Marketers, webmasters, bloggers, podcasters, writers, travel agencies and many others are all in need of good stock photography - that's where you come in.

Many people become photographers because they saw the beauty in the places they lived or visited, and wanted to record their family's travels.

Regardless how you got your start, if you're into photography, you have a perfect "laptop lifestyle" income potential - one where you can design your own rules, hours, income, and dress code.

If you love taking photographs, you can sell your photos online.

Places You Can Share or Sell Your Work

Your work can be of people, landscapes, animals, backgrounds, abstract, or just about anything that suits your fancy.

Subjects that Sell Well Online

  • People - kids, adults, cultures, diversity
  • People working - offices, agriculture, laborers
  • Food, Tools, Foliage, Bodies of Water
  • Cities, Nature, Travel

You can even create "styled stock," blending different color schemes using common household items. 

For example, take a look at this account on Creative Market. Michelle Buchanan is a "styled stock photographer" who lives in Australia. She photographs items of similar content and color, then bundles them together into downloadable zip files for website designers, marketing agencies, and entrepreneurs. Her bundles sell for around $25-35.  

The sky's the limit - get clicking!

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