Hey there, I'm Ann, the Founder of Military Women Entrepreneurs™

I've repelled out of a helicopter, been handcuffed to a barstool by the secret service, and conducted international military protocol missions in almost every country in the pacific rim.

I'm a Navy veteran, daughter, sister, and wife so I truly understand the "moving boxes" way of life.

Here's the thing...

Family is everything to me. And the military has always been a part of my family.


After retiring, I built a successful business that honored the things that matter most to me - family, faith, health, integrity, and relationships.

As a women's leadership speaker, motivational psychologist, high performance consultant, and executive coach, and I've had the honor of working with thousands of high-achieving women.

But working for myself often felt lonely and I longed for a group of other entrepreneurial women who felt like family.

So I created my own.

And now I get to network and share everything I've learned with other entrepreneurial women veterans.

Which is awesome because it breaks my heart to see high-achieving women veterans not use their gifts, talents, skills, expertise, and experience to become financially independent through the power of entrepreneurship.

If you're ready to rock a second career that matters to you and do it with other women who totally "get" you...you're in the right place.

Military Women Entrepreneurs™ is here to help you build, grow, and thrive in a business and life you love!

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5 Ways Women Veterans Can Generate Their Own Income Right Now (from skills they already have)

"Ann, you have clearly figured out how to take all the skills you learned in the military and turn them into the life you really wanted."

Jenifer Madson
Author, "Living the Promises"

"Dr. Ann Vertel taught us to effectively question ourselves - to set up a question so we can quickly move from inaction to action. "

Ashley Mahaffey
Elite Beachbody Coach

"Ann’s talk about establishing a vision for our business was spot on for filtering our many talents into a potent and effective mission statement."

Dawn Stone
Creative Director, Embellishmint Floral and Event Design Studio

"Ann is a powerhouse of a woman!"

Kristina Hoyer
Functional Medicine & Movement Inflammation Professional

"Ann has this gift of tapping into people and helping them be more than they thought they could be."

Edi Sowers
Executive Coach

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